Roula Partheniou

Reversible Pine on Beechwood, 2009
Edition of 8, Screenprint on board, 10 X 10 inches
courtesy the artist and The MKG127 Gallery
value: $250

Roula Partheniou’s work is marked by a concern for marriage of material and form, and is drawn together by a strong sense of both logic and play. Using familiar objects as a starting point, she plays simple games using the objects’ own inherent rules and physical properties to transform them, often employing processes such as repetition, permutation, multiplication and duplication. In the last year, she has exhibited locally and nationally with shows including: 100 Variations and The Form Itself, Priska C. Juschka Fine Art, New York; Black Friday, Printed Matter, New York; Works, Works 1, Twice, *Queen Specific, Toronto; Remakes, YYZ Artists’ Outlet, Toronto; Circular Logic, Cambridge Galleries, Cambridge; Infinite Egress, Surrey Art Gallery, Surrey and Literally, Artspeak, Vancouver. Her work can be seen at She is represented by MKG127