Graeme Patterson

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Grudge Match, animation still, 2009
artist proof
C-print, 30 X 20 inches
courtesy the artist and Trépanier Baer
value: $1,200 framed

Originating from Saskatoon, now living in Halifax Graeme Patterson’s practice stems from a self developed approach to creating stop-motion animation. This “do it yourself” method is consistent in all facets of his production. Since graduating from NSCAD in 2002 his projects can be described as sculptural installations consisting of video, robotics, audio, music, and some interactive components. Generally he works in miniature using a 1:10 scale which originates from childhood. His installations attempt to bring the viewer in to the world of play Graeme exists in while creating his stop-motion animations. From 2004- 2007 he created a large body of work entitled “Woodrow”. This 10 piece installation encompasses all aspects of his practice. All of his work is based on personal memories and life experience with a mix of fantasy and surrealism. Graeme was a 2009 Sobey Award finalist.